Chris and Glenn – 30 October 2010 – live on the Danny Baker Show


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Chris and Glenn will be on the Danny Baker show on BBC Radio 5Live this morning between 10 and 11. This week it’s hosted by Alan Davies.

Listen live here:

And if you missed it, or it’s not available in your territory, here’s the mp3:
2010-10-30 BBC 5Live with Glenn and Chris

9 thoughts on “Chris and Glenn – 30 October 2010 – live on the Danny Baker Show”

  1. I notice the commemorative Plaque got another mention, namely that it is still missing. Does anyone have any information about it’s whereabouts?

    Perhaps we should launch a Plaquewatch initiative?

    Keep um peeled :)

  2. Thanks so much, David. I was at work this morning so couldn’t listen live – lovely to hear it this evening over a glass of vino!

    A couple of things …

    Firstly – Val, loved your e-mail!!!

    Also, I also thought that the lyric in Cool for Cats was “The Sweeny’s doing 90 as they’ve got NOWHERE to go”. I’ve learnt something new today! ;)

    1. I’m sure everyone’s got those small mishearings of their lyrics – there’s something about Chris’ lyrics and Glenn’s delivery that leads to endless confusion – It’s not just Pulling Muscles for Michelle!

  3. Thanks liz glad someone did as I am not sure either Alan or Glenn approved :)

    whenever Glenn told his tall tales of the Squeeze story in the style of brokeback mountain I always pictured Alan Davis playing him, so could not resist when they were both in the same room…

  4. This was a good fun interview and judging by what was said about Glenn’s hoarding, you wouldnt bet against him having the plaque in his studio!!

  5. Made a point of listening to the show, purely to hear Difford and Tilbrook being interviewed. Was pleased to know that Alan Davies actually had some good questions to ask, particularly about Up The Junction, and the lyrics to Cool For Cats. I’m one of those people who reads lyric booklets in CD’s, so knew about the ‘Sweeney’ lyric. I still maintain that they are songwriters of the highest order, on a par with Lennon and McCartney (I know that’s been quoted many, many times before, but it has to be reiterated). I noticed Tilbrook’s voice was rather deep and croaky. Hope that’s not the sign of something bad, as I’m off to see them in Brighton next month…can’t wait. They were brilliant at The Komedia back in 2007.

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