Squeeze on BBC 6music

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I'm David, the founder of packetofthree.com and keeper of the Squeeze Archive since 1978. The site is named after Squeeze's first EP from 1977.
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Squeeze on BBC 6music


Huey Morgan sits in for Lauren and is joined by Squeeze for a live session. It’s been over 30 years since the Deptford greats released their debut album and they returned in October with a new album full of reworkings of their best loved songs. Called Spot The Difference, it is their first studio album in twelve years and was recorded partly so the band could regain copyright control of some of their greatest hits.

If you missed it or it’s not available in your territory, here’s the mp3:

2010-11-01 Live on BBC 6music

4 thoughts on “Squeeze on BBC 6music”

  1. What a great radio appearance by the whole band! I enjoyed streaming it live from the States this morning while I drank coffee in bed. Glenn’s guitar work in “Take Me I’m Yours” was **blistering** – you could tell Huey was left staggering for a long time after that! And was it just me or did the intro to “Loving You Tonight” have a distinct “I’ll Take You There” vibe to it? Give and listen and see if you can “spot” it too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXvKRZRofDE

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