Up the Junction – on BBC Radio 4

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As reported here in June, BBC Radio 4 has just hosted a half-hour programme on Up the Junction.

You can listen to it again for the next 7 days here:


After that you can listen here:
Lyrical Journey – Up the Junction

Here’s what the BBC web site has to say:

In a series which explores the mysterious relationship between much-loved songs, and the places which inspired them, presenter Jonathan Maitland goes on a lyrical journey close to his heart. A passionate ‘Squeeze’ fan, he meets the band’s lyricist Chris Difford and takes him to Clapham Common which features in his 1979 hit ‘Up the Junction’.

So how has the area changed since he wrote the song, and who else has it inspired? Could the song only ever have been about Clapham – or could the man in the song have had ‘some or other passion’ with a girl from Balham? And how does Chris feel about performing at the station itself?

Chris Difford Up the Junction Radio 4 Clapham

Chris Difford Up the Junction Radio 4 Clapham

So what did you think?

9 thoughts on “Up the Junction – on BBC Radio 4”

  1. I thought the show was really well done, great interview with Chris. Although seen as though I was the one being interviewed I may be biased lol! Seeing Chris play ‘Up the Junction’ at Clapham Junction was just amazing.

    1. Hi Hannah,
      Just out of interest, how did you know about the recording taking place? Great to listen to!

      1. Hiya,
        It was posted on Packet of Three a while back that they wanted people to share what they thought of the song and I wasn’t gonna do it but thought ‘Why not?!’ lol! The woman got back to me and said would I like to go on the show so there you go haha! Was a bit surreal being interviewed about ‘Up the Junction’ at Clapham Junction lol! Glad you enjoyed it, I did too… Well apart from thee bits where I spoke! X

  2. Excellent – thanks for the link! I throughly enjoyed that. It was almost like a long ‘home truths’ article, although I do wish radio four would stop cutting up songs, and play them in their entirety (documentary or not)! :o)

  3. Hannah, I never asked the other night (was a bit tired).

    What happened at the recording? Did Chris play any other songs? Sounds like fun!

    1. Hiya,
      Yeah it was fun, especially as I’d never been to Clapham before! Chris just played the one song, had a bit of a chat and then he left (he had his young twins with him by the looks of it lol they were so cute!), the guy who was interviewing us was really nice (Johnathan Maitland) and made me feel less nervous, tbh they just asked us sone questions, and that was kinda it! The whole thing was about half an hour lol! X

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