Glenn Tilbrook – 3 December 2011 – live at The Met, Bury


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Glenn Tilbrook – 3 December 2011 – live at The Met, Bury

Here’s Snipturn’s brilliant video:

Glenn Tilbrook and Simon Hanson perform the Squeeze classics Cold Shoulder, Third Rail and Goodbye Girl at the Met in Bury on Sat 3rd December as part of the Never Ending Tour 2011

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4 thoughts on “Glenn Tilbrook – 3 December 2011 – live at The Met, Bury”

  1. Well, what a thrill to see Glenn Tilbrook at The Met in Bury this evening. I’m on childhood territory in the north, so it’s always very comfortable to be in a northern crowd – and the gig’s a sell-out, so the atmosphere is buzzing. I’ve also got my mum and dad with me so it’s a special evening. Outside in the drizzle, someone’s written “Loose (sic) the beard Glenn” in lipstick on Glenn’s RV. It’s a nice touch.

    Stunning support Steve Poltz is on fine form, with his guitar sound very metallic and bright. He’s still very keen on doing some living room concerts, so make sure you get in touch with him for when he returns next year. His merchandise has sold so well he’s sold out of vinyl copies of his album but the good news is that extra copies are on their way. He promises me that he’ll have one for me to buy next time!

    Glenn opens in topsy-turvy style with a traditional crowd-pleasing closer, Up the Junction. The setlist has developed so tonight we have Ter-wit Ter-woo from The Co-Operative’s CD (a personal favourite) as well as a new addition of Loving You Tonight with Glenn on bass. The show is creative, inventive and very musical, with Chris McNally and Simon Hanson switching instruments, and places with ukulele, Indian harmonium and a full range of percussion.

    Peter’s Got a Plan

    Peter’s got a plan, got a plan, got a plan
    Peter’s got a plan

    His nature is to follow, he finds it hard to lead
    He’s fallen in with big boys, and they planted the seed
    It’s easy oh so easy, we do it all the time
    You’re quickly in and out and don’t worry you’ll be fine

    In previous tours Glenn’s told us that his father was in fact Jimi Hendrix. This tour Glenn’s mum was apparently Swedish, so we’re treated to a comedy mimed rendition of Binga Bong.


    Persephone’s not afraid of life’s indecent haste,
    Time to spare and to embrace
    Gentle not right in your face

    She travels light and easily
    Loves festivals out of the mainstream
    Wears her heart right on her sleeve
    In her VW bus she’ll be

    A three-song encore of Chat-Line Larry, Tempted and Take Me I’m Yours (with an ecstatic Steve Poltz guitar solo and Glenn on iPad) brings the evening to a close. Class.

    Lovely to see so many friends tonight. Shall we do it all again tomorrow?

  2. Ukulele and Indian Harmonium – I SO hope he does Maidstone when he gets to the southern gigs (I’m going to 5! Southampton, Reading, Brighton and London x2), but I’m sure he’s probably sick of it by now.

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