Can Of Worms

Can Of Worms

She was married and then divorced
Things seemed to happen that way
The children were confused sometimes they’d fight
Sitting in their toys and games
To them she’s mummy and I am their friend
Who sits with them on his lap
And sleeps on the sofa on alternate weekends
No substitute for their dad

So to the park to play on the swings
To give their mother a break
When I saw their father walking down the path
Heading down towards the gate
I froze on the spot heart in my throat
I hoped he’d not see us there
He soon disappeared and the kids on the slide
Were happy and unaware

I read the papers and made scrambled eggs
The kids got ready to leave
Their dad was taking them for the weekend
With pocket money and sweets
They were excited as they waved goodbye
I went straight back to bed
Their mother stood and waved as they drove away
Standing on the front door step

She’s a very good mum
As she tries to explain
Everything that she can
But a child’s mind is sharp
They imagine the worst
Sometimes can’t understand
That there’s so much to learn
When you open a can of worms

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3 thoughts on “Can Of Worms”

  1. Been Squeeze fan since 78 im 50 years old seen the band eight times and Glenn six and chris once.

    Think the new album is great but can we maybe have some more concerts ect on dvd as i have always

    felt the band have never done enough on that side. look forward to the show in Glasgow in November.

    1. Great to hear from a long-term fan! I agree that they’ve never had enough videos available – although judging by some of the hair styles in the 1980’s maybe that’s a blessing?

  2. For me, one of the highlights of Frank. A song perhaps attempting to emulate the melody and style of Tempted (they’ve done it a few times – Loving you Tonight for example), but they pull it off with a great Chris lyric about a man’s awkward attempts to fit in to a new family. I remember when the album came out I saw the title of this song and thought it would sound like something off their first album – I’m not sure why. I was wrong though.

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