Glenn Tilbrook Songbook

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The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook

The Incomplete

This Is Where You Ain’t
Parallel World
One Dark Moment
G.S.O.H. Essential
Up The Creek
Other World
Interviewing Randy Newman
You See Me
I Won’t See You
We Went Thataway
By The Light Of The Cash Machine
Sunday Breakfast Treat

Transatlantic Ping Pong

Lost In Space
Hot Shaved Asian Teens
Ray & Me
Reinventing The Wheel
Domestic Distortion
Genitalia Of A Fool
Where I can Be Your Friend
There For Her
One For The Road

Released on May 17 2004 in the UK on Quixotic Records catalogue number QUIXCD010 and on June 8 2004 in USA on Compass Records.

Pandemonium Ensues

Pandemonium Ensues

Best Of Times
Through The Net
Slaughtered Artist
Relentless Pursuit
Interest & Love
Melancholy Emotion
She Makes Me
Happy Disposition
Black Sheep
Beachland Ballroom
Little Ships
Too Close To The Sun

Released on March 2 2009 on Quixotic Records catalogue number QUIXCD013.

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