Chris Difford Songbook

The lyrics of Chris Difford’s songs. Just click on a song title below to see the song lyrics.

I Didn’t Get Where I Am

The Last Temptation of Chris

It’s All About Me

Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants Poster

The Loneliest Boy
Salsa Verde
Out of My Shell
Breakfast Epiphany
Can I Tell You About My Life
Men In Velvet Capes
God Knows
Vauxhall Diva
Pop Noodle

Round the Houses
Power of Now
Uncle Alan
Rug Rats
Fancy Pants
When Two Men Fall in Love
Apple Pie

So tell me: Which is your favourite line from a Chris Difford solo song?

For me, it’s got to be “I’ve got tits, just like my mum,” from ‘Fat As A Fiddle.’ Yes, an obvious one I know but such a classic example of the natural power of simple language. Which is your favourite? Leave a comment!

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