Come yap with us!

David has added a new social networking function to Po3, so people can leave messages here like you would on Facebook. Only here it is such a small community that it feels more like a chat room! To find it, click here or choose “signup” from ┬áthe Yap Yap Yap text link at the top of this page. To sign up you only need to come up with a name (any name), an email address, and a password of your choosing. Once you have an account you can also add an avatar (a picture, like my lettuce!) and as much or little information as you want in your profile.

Now, I’m gonna level with you and tell you that I didn’t know anything at all about social networking before this. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I figure you might be just the same, in which case you may think this is not for you. When David told me about it I was like, “What’s it for?” The only real answer to that question (and the one he gave me) is that the easiest way to learn is by doing, so just go sign up for it and have a look around. It’s fun!

In order to have anything to look at you need to make some friends, but that’s not very hard. In fact, David set it up so that everyone is my friend by default! (I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you are also his friend automatically…) So far there are 36 people there, and they’re all very friendly; I’m pretty sure any one of them would respond to a friend request from a fellow Squeeze fan!

Once you have some friends you can just choose “wall posts” from the drop down menu at the Yap Yap Yap link, and go see what people are talking about! Current chatter is about the UK tour dates for Squeeze, guessing the name of Squeeze’s new US label, and questions about Yap Yap Yap itself such as, “Will it work on my mobile device?” (Yes!)

If you have any questions or problems getting set up, just ask them in the comments for this post. That way if anyone else has a similar issue they will get the answer they need too. Come on over and yap with us!