His House Her Home

His House Her Home

I think to myself when we kiss
Your husband is watching
From his portrait his eyes are looking down
On the slipper and stocking
Back against the bookcase
Down upon the floor
Empty the decanter
Slur again for more

I laugh at myself when your son
Is watching cartoons
In the morning he’s looking up to me
When we’re in the bathroom
Sees me kissing mother
Doesn’t blink an eye
Asks a lot of questions
Answers hard to find

I talk to myself when I’m drunk
And she is still sober
Words are so few and far between
My arms reach to hold her
Hungry for the love
I’ve rescued from the grave
The past is just a portrait
The future’s ours to frame

His house, her home, our future in a lover’s world
Her son, her heart, her love for me, tomorrow’s world

10 thoughts on “His House Her Home”

    1. @catdad, ‘His House, Her Home’ was known as ‘Tomorrow’s World’ whilst recording it – and the lyrics were ‘Her House, Her Home’ until quite late. The demo version on the re-released ‘Sweets From A Stranger’ CD is fascinating I think – it’s got that vocal arrangement because he was listening to The Hollies a lot at the time.

      1. @packetofthree, I love the demo version of this. Glenn’s vocal reminds me of another artist of the early 70s but I can’t think who.

    2. @catdad, SFAS has some great songs with some fantastic lyrics. ‘Points Of View’, ‘Tongue Like A Knife’ and ‘The Elephant Ride’ to name but a few.

      1. @tygre97, I agree. It took me awhile to warm up to it after ESS, but I now think it’s one of their best. I find myself listening to it alot lately.

    3. @catdad, I think that the original line “From his portrait his eyes are looking down, but I’m not stopping” is Difford genius! It’s replacement with “From his portrait his eyes are looking down, On the slipper and stocking” is pretty subtle.

  1. I always thought that it was a good album (SFAS), but they made some dodgy choices for what ended up on the album.

    The Elephant Girl
    Spanish Guitar
    I Can’t Get Up Anymore
    When Love Goes To Sleep
    Last Call For Love
    I’m At Home Tonight

    Imagine these on the album, perhaps in place of Stranger Than The Stranger On The Shore, Onto The Dance Floor and The Very First Dance.

    Then it would push ESS close in terms of quality and definitely wouldn’t be such a dark album!

  2. I’m not too keen on “Last Call For Love” but agree with the rest. I’m not that keen on “Onto The Dance Floor” either but love the other two for their quirkiness, especially the backing vocals. The way I see it now is that we have to be thankful that Squeeze recorded more songs than could be fitted onto the old vinyl album. I love hearing these quality “rejects”.

    1. @tygre97, I think ‘Last Call For Love’ is a complete classic. I called up the 2″ metal reel-to-reel master tape from the Universal tape library and got an engineer to play me the unmixed version of the original recording when I was organising the reissue of ‘Sweets From A Stranger’. I couldn’t believe that no-one had played it since 1981 and that it sounded so fresh – and especially that no-one at the time had mixed it to a finished version (all instruments and all takes of different parts on the multi-track tape were the same volume). It was an even bigger shock after Glenn mixed it!

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