What Have They Done?

What Have They Done?

The wind blows the ash through the furnace
The steel men are sitting at home
And the video game can’t replace the flame
The once burned all day on the coal

The rain flows along in the gutter
In a rush to get out of the town
Where the row of shops are sold off in lots
Developers pulled them all down

And in their place in a pile of bricks
Where children play with sticks as guns

The sun shines bright on the ranada
Where I once saw the film in
Now the young stand in line for it’s bingo tonight
No more films with Malcolm Goodwin

The cranes on the dock are redundant
Standing so tall in the sky
Shuffling trolleys and ducks sit around in the mud
And the docker has a tear in his eye

And in his hand is a pint of beer
No more dock sheds are here to run

What have they done?
What have they done?
What have they done?
What have they done?

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