I signed away my future
To earn myself a place
Upon neon posters
With stickers on my case
To be the one who I am
How could I survive?
Without putting pen to paper
In 1975

I hid between the shadows
That fell around my soul
I drank myself in circles
And dug myself a hole
So I could bury feelings
While I was getting high
Enjoying the darkest moments
Of 1979

I know how hard it hit me
And how it changed my life
I threw away a family
A fortune and a wife
My confidence was lacking
I thought I had a clue
I threw up on the journey
In 1982

I’ve never had foundations
No place to plant my roots
I’m in and out of rehabs
And in the empty rooms
I fell down on the doorstep
I was still out of my mind
We partied like it was over
In 1999

It sounds like I’m complaining
But I’m happy to be here
It’s been a pleasant journey
That seems to disappear
With every day that passes
I look back there in time
And I’ve never been so happy
As in 1975