Breakfast Epiphany

Breakfast Epiphany

We sat around his table
In his kitchen neatly kept
The toaster in the corner
And the kettle both were red

She said “I think I know you”
Her mind put to the test
I was once on the TV
The Old Grey Whistle Test
Our band were very famous
Then we petered out
The hits were so infrequent
We lost touch with our sound
She looked across to see me
As I fumbled with my words
The past was very fragile
So much more to learn

We sat and watched ‘Manhattan’
My heart began to bleed
I saw his tears appearing
As he reached for his sleeve
I didn’t want to leave him
But I had things to do
I’d see him in the evening
We’d dance a step or two
I really hit the jackpot
In the arcade of my heart
It all seemed very sudden
That’s how it always starts