Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde

Salsa, Salsa Verde
Salsa, Salsa Verde

She was on her way to Salsa
Her taxi pulled up to the kerb
I could see her legs appearing
Followed by the rest of her
She moved towards the dance floor
I could see her passing by
It was singles night in Margate
And everyone was getting high!

I was not a natural dancer but a wobbler and a coot
I liked my Tamla Motown and I wore a tonic suit

Salsa, Salsa Verde
Salsa, Salsa Verde

A tall man with an earring
Moved towards her with a grin
He bent her over backwards
With a wrestle and a spin

I was stunned by his performance but I knew I had the edge
I fanned like John Travolta my hair up in a wedge

Salsa, Salsa Verde
Salsa, Salsa Verde

The mirror ball reflects its light
I saw him through the mist
Could this be love?
Here’s the twist

She walked up to my front door
We played some music in my flat
We found some things in common
Soul 2 Soul and Shakatak

My head was in the future standing in my underpants
She looked across the table like putty in my hands