The Loneliest Boy

The Loneliest Boy

I’m the loneliest boy in the Universe
In this great big house I have a thirst
For lovers and friends and passers by
But no one sees me as I lie
Here in my bed with a thousand threads
Expensive feathers round my head
But here am I and who would see
The loneliest boy, take a look at me

I’m the loneliest girl as the sun goes down
A table for one in my dressing gown
I’ve had no luck I’ve got no plans
The men I meet don’t understand
And hopes and dreams are meant to share
I know one day he’ll be sitting finery
Strumming the chords of my heart strings
Living the life of the crimson kings

I go for a walk along the prom
Just to see what’s going on
With people holding each other’s hands
And me I’m just here an old tin can
I’m the loneliest boy and I’ve always been
I live inside this romantic dream
That one day it will all come good
And you will love me like you should

I’m the loneliest boy in the whole wide world
No friends for me as flags unfurled
To greet the people as they pass
But they don’t see me scratch my arse
Here on the sofa all curled up
Watching tea leaves in a cup
Perhaps one day she’ll visit me
The loneliest boy, take a look and see.