Squeeze – 16 December 1975 – live at St Dunstans School, Catford

Squeeze – 16 December 1975 – live at St Dunstans School, Catford

The great news is that we found a copy of the ticket for this gig!
1975-12-16 ticket
Illustration and design © Stephen Rumney 1975

Here’s Stephen’s story:
“What a find… and so nice to see it after all these years after trying hard to remember it!
Sadly I lost mine which was numbered 0000 [as it was the proof] and was not cut on the perforation… and can you believe it … it had all four members’ signatures on the back!!!
I still need a copy for my personal archive but the scan has filled the gap for now.
Feel free to post it on the site.

PS I was just 15 when I designed it… may have even been 14 as my birthday was 28 Oct so there was a possibilty it was designed before my birthday in late october as it would have needed to be printed and then sold for the christmas party…
I went on to be a club promoter in the 1980s and mid 90s and designed all my tickets with graphics of dancers on… so this is extra special in my own story as it was the very first flier I designed and the one that began the journey!

Hopefully some info on here that will add to the history of squeeze… like the fact that ‘Hard Core’ played which I’d totally forgotten til I saw the ticket again.

Also this ticket is 1034 suggesting my estimate of 900 was correct… so probably 1000 tickets for sale and around 50 guests as this was one of the guest tickets…

Miles Copeland too… now there’s some more history!”

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