Glenn Tilbrook – 26 November 2004, Y Theatre Leicester

Glenn Tilbrook – 26 November 2004, Y Theatre Leicester

Glenn Tilbrook squeezes in Y date
Former Squeeze frontman and songwriter Glenn Tilbrook returns to Leicester this weekend. BBC Leicester Guest writer Lyn Picken had a chat with him about what we can expect.

Glenn Tilbrook is on the road plugging his latest album is Transatlantic Ping Pong. He’s also got a new book out – Squeeze – Song By Song – which tells the stories behind those great Squeeze songs such as Up the Junction, Cool For Cats, Labelled With Love and Tempted.

Squeeze in the late 70’s
His tour includes a date in Leicester this weekend. I managed to have a quick chat with him before his Nottingham gig.

This tour, he tells me, “is even better than before, we’ve scaled new heights in our performance and we’ve got a good 30 year songbook to work with. There’s a great feeling between the band members and I think that really comes across in the show”.

As for the audience, he said: “They will leave uplifted. It’s a very uplifting experience. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s a religious experience but for some, who knows?”
I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s because his latest album was written with live performance in mind. “Definitely! When I wrote The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook (2001) I wasn’t thinking of performing the songs live, I was trying to create the perfect studio album, and then I found that they didn’t translate as well. Transatlantic Ping Pong (2004) definitely translates better.”

Glenn has been touring quite a lot in the last year, visiting USA, Japan and Australia in the past 6 weeks and we can see him here on Friday 25 November at the Y Theatre on East Street.

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