The Past Has Been Bottled

Back in 1982 I sat in bassist John Bentley’s smart modern flat and listened as he played the demo cassette for the songs which were to form the classic Squeeze album East Side Story. Recorded at home by Glenn Tilbrook in 1980 and 1981, the East Side Story demos have become legendary over the years. As the most critically acclaimed album Squeeze ever released, East Side Story marks the high water-mark of Difford and Tilbrook’s songwriting prowess and the demos show that work in progress.

Interviews at the time of East Side Story in 1981 featured stories of the demos, how Elvis Costello, as producer, was being played the potential songs for the album and had heard a snippet of Labelled With Love, and had got them to rewind the cassette so he could listen to it again and get the band to record it.

Now, 25 years later you can hear what I heard in John Bentley’s flat. The pure brilliance of the songs as performed on Glenn Tilbrook’s four track tape by him, at home in Greenwich, playing all the instruments; the first time each of these songs was ever recorded.

Glenn has revisited the demo reel-to-reels and restored them and digitally mastered them so you can hear them in all their glory. The Past Has Been Bottled. Out 30 April 2007. Drink it and savour the unique taste of Squeeze.

1. Is That Love
2. Depression
3. Someone Else’s Bell
4. Someone Else’s Heart
5. There’s No Tomorrow
6. F Hole
7. Labelled With Love
8. Tempted
9. Woman’s World
10. Vanity Fair
11. Heaven
12. Mumbo Jumbo
13. Messed Around
14. In Quintessence
15. I Don’t Like Love
16. Misunderstanding
17. Holiday Makers
18. Trust

“A unique insight into the creative process that produced Squeeze’s most critically acclaimed album.”
“Hear the songs before Elvis Costello produced them.”

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