Squeeze – 2 August 2007, Nokia Live, Times Square, New York, NY

Squeeze – 2 August 2007, Nokia Live, Times Square, New York, NY

Download the whole show as a zip file here :)
NYCTaper says:
“I recorded this concert from the middle of the floor, using my clip-on microphones. This recording was not captured with pro-quality equipment, and it generally does not measure up to the sonic standards of other recordings on this site. However, it is certainly an enjoyable listen of a terrific concert.”

Check out his blog for the Nokia Show where there’s a great debate about the rights and wrongs of bootleg recordings. I particularly love his comment:
“I was thinking about this topic today, and it occurred to me that I actually didn’t buy my first Squeeze album in 1980 until after I had heard and recorded to cassette their performance at the Bottom Line in NYC as broadcast by WNEW-FM. That was the exposure to this band that directly caused me to go out and buy Argybargy.
Of course, in those days, concerts of newer bands were routinely broadcast via progressive stations like WNEW. In fact, the Police during their first complete US tour had dozens of shows broadcast by local FM stations, and this was a means by which they increased their exposure and ultimately their success.
Since 1980-era FM radio is a long-gone thing of the past, and essentially all FM radio in 2007 is demographics and pre-programmed formats, these kinds of concert broadcasts don’t really happen anymore.
In that way, I guess I consider nyctaper.com the next generation of this kind of concert-recording-as-promotion from way back when Squeeze played the Bottom Line and attracted thousands of new fans listening on the radio.”

2007-08-02 ticket
Thanks to Shani Orenbuch Blenden for the ticket.

[Total Time 1:39:29]
01 Take Me I’m Yours
02 Slightly Drunk
03 Piccadilly
04 Hourglass
05 Up the Junction
06 I Think I’m Go Go
07 Third Rail
08 Electric Trains
09 Some Fantastic Place
10 Annie Get Your Gun
11 Melody Motel
12 Messed Around
13 Walk Away
14 Slaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken
15 Another Nail in My Heart
16 Goodbye Girl
17 If I Didn’t Love You
18 Pulling Mussels From The Shell
19 Slap and Tickle
20 Cool for Cats
21 [encore break]
22 Tempted
23 Is That Love?
24 Black Coffee in Bed

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