Bye Bye (A letter from Corina)

This is the last post I ever made on the news page at The Unofficial Glenn Tilbrook Site.

Hello everyone!

Well, it has been almost a year now since I last seriously considered closing the site, and I have only done one update! I guess it is time to face up to the fact that I am never going to get back to working on it on a regular basis. It’s hard to take it down because it represents so many good times, and it has meant a lot to me, but I don’t want to just leave it here to get completely irrelevant (some would argue it’s too late for that! haha).

So much has changed since I opened it back in 2000! Back then, this was pretty much the only source of audio and video stuff on the web for Glenn and Squeeze. Now almost anything you could ever want to see is on YouTube! Plus, Glenn and the Fluffers are making their own videos direct to you, streaming from Glenn’s MySpace and FaceBook pages! It doesn’t get any better than that.

When I first began reporting news here, Glenn was just starting out with his solo career, and he didn’t even have an official site. His first solo album wouldn’t be released for nearly a year! But I knew he could do it, and that it would be great. Now he’s been touring solo and with the Fluffers for almost a decade, and Squeeze have even reformed! It’s been an amazing thing to witness my favorite musician make that journey.

I had so much fun with this site! However, it could never have been anything like the success it was without hundreds of contributions from you guys in the form of photos, videos, radio interviews, etc. Not to mention all the news and quotes I gleaned from the Glenn List! I did the HTML and the ‘babbling’, but you all really made this site come alive. Thank you so much!

The biggest thanks, of course, has to go to Glenn himself! There would be no site at all if it wasn’t for his tremendous talent and awesome life’s work in music, which inspired the whole thing to begin with. On a personal level, Glenn has never been anything but incredibly supportive of the site, and extremely kind and generous with me. I didn’t know him at all before I built this site, and would happily have done it on the strength of his career alone, but lucky me! Upon meeting him he turned out to be a super nice guy, and someone I am proud to call a friend.

So it’s a fond farewell to The Unofficial Glenn Site. I’ll take it down sometime in the next few months (once I figure everyone’s had time to take a last look if they want to). I’ll see you on the Glenn List and at the gigs!


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