Disco Kid

Back in 1975 Squeeze had a brush with the pop world being signed to BTM records and being close to releasing their first single – an early recording of ‘Take Me I’m Yours’. On the b-side was planned to be ‘No Disco Kid No’. It was finally released on an obscure compilation CD ‘Never Mind the Sex Pistols, Here’s the Bollocks’ in 2006 as Disco Kid.

It got covered in a great version called NDK on Chris Holland’s very limited edition album ‘hoopatasso’ (along with another brilliant Difford and Tilbrook composition from the early days ‘This is the Way Forward’) It was re-released on his Brother Sun Sister Moon album. Enjoy!

Squeeze - Never Mind the S*x P*stols- Here's the BullocksUSA
Squeeze - Never Mind the S*x P*stols- Here's the BullocksUK

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