Johnny Depp, PRS For Music, and I all love Squeeze!

And so does David, allegedly. (But how could we ever know for sure?)

In this recent interview promoting Alice In Wonderland, Johnny Depp looked genuinely thrilled to be gifted a Squeeze CD by some nameless but ardent field staffer. It’s an interesting interview, because he tells us that he gets into his characters by finding a song or album that seems to embody the character, and then plays it a whole bunch until he gets the character down.

If I had been interviewing him, I would have withheld the Squeeze CD (likely dangling it over his head like a carrot on a stick) until he divulged the name of the song or band that inspired Captain Jack Sparrow’s character! Perhaps, as Roger Ebert suggested so many years ago, it really was a drunken drag queen…but one with a recording contract!

And as for PRS for Music? They have made a lovely commemorative plaque to decorate the first building where Squeeze ever played, the Greenwich Dance Hall. (Click to read an article about it and see a cute picture of Glenn of unknown vintage, but that I suspect is from a festival during the early naughts.) It will be unveiled on 23 March at 2:30 PM, with Chris and Glenn in attendance.

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