Latest Tribute Song “Take Me I’m Yours”

The Squeeze tribute project, The Songs of Squeeze Revisited, is continuing to gain steam as more songs come in. Finished titles now include Sartre’s Lobster’s interpretation of “Take Me I’m Yours”, and you can listen to that now at the Songs of Squeeze MySpace page.

I have to hand it to Sarte’s Lobster, who took the slight Middle Eastern feel and ran with it! The funky and driving instrumentation now sounds like something I might overhear while ordering a falafel from a stand on the street. The singer’s style is quite…aggressive! He sounds ready to conquer the listener (and then Constantinople), which provides an interesting new perspective for most of the lyric. However, the line “take me, I’m yours” just doesn’t seem to work when you’re a hard-ass, and I am scared to even know why there’s a heaven in my kiss!

On the other hand, once more I have to commend the band for making the complicated and convoluted lyrics sound crystal clear, and I think Gill and I wouldn’t be suffering from “Temptemptulation Syndrome” if we’d heard this version first. (She and I both recently admitted on the Glenn List to having heard one line in the song as “a great temp-temptulation”, rather than “a grape to tempt your leisure,” and never thought to question it until Gill actually had to sing it on stage one day!)

Overall, although this might sound like a bad review, I do like the song, and have listened to it many times already. I am getting used to the scary singer, whose bark is, I suspect, worse than his bite.

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