Lord Large – Bed of Roses

Stephen Large (keyboardist with Glenn Tilbrook’s Fluffers and with the current lineup of Squeeze) has been busy recording again. According to the Lord Large MySpace:

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it!

And to prove we haven’t taken the vast profits from our last album ( “The Lords First Eleven… still available .. ) and become Howard Hughes type recluses, we hereby announce the official uploading of some “Newstuff”. This particular “Newstuff” is our collaboration with the Soul Legends that are the Flirtations. The ladies bravely ventured down to our bunker of soul last year and added their dulcet tones to our new song “Bed Of Roses”. The track is a little taster of the new collection we are currently beavering away on. More as soon as it’s finished!

What a brilliant track. For a reminder of Stephen’s CD:

The Lord's First XI

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