New Glenn song with video!

Glenn: not a fan of double parking

FluffersTV has posted a new video, that features a new-to-most-of-us song by Glenn! It’s called “0-60”, and was apparently released on some import versions of Pandemonium Ensues, but I’d never heard it before. The song is about an encounter Glenn had with the long arm of the law when he staged a one man “artistic protest” against a double parked car. He tells the story in more detail in this clip from The Wright Stuff, at about the 3:20 mark, and reveals that he is now on the DNA database – and not happy about it!

The song is surprisingly catchy considering the subject matter, and I love how at the end he concludes that he’ll be counting to ten from now on if he feels the urge to act on his anger! (Even artistically.)

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