Gearing up for the US Squeeze Tour!

"Strong in Reason" starts out mellow

With less than a month left before setting out on their US Tour, Squeeze have started doing a few live gigs together. They played a free, unannounced gig at the Anchor & Hope in London June 8th, and Snipturn came through for us with a video of “Strong In Reason.” I was really surprised at how much I like this song from the first album, which they have sort of de-punked. It’s a lot easier to appreciate the lyrics in this less aggressive interpretation.

Snipturn’s camera work has always been so very appreciated by those of us who haven’t been able to get to the gigs, but I am amazed at the quality of his shooting for this video. He’s working from one angle in what appear to be extremely cramped circumstances, but still manages to get a lot of footage of everyone, including details of the guitar and bass playing, while still keeping Chris and Glenn’s faces in all the important singing parts. The result is very professional looking, despite having only one take and one camera!

He comments in his review of another gig last April , “Whilst filming I try to be quite disciplined and concentrate on the shot and this tends to make you “focus” on the task of getting a good result. This means that I end up enjoying the night, but in a slightly different way to everyone else. Through the camera lens though, it really was true craftsmanship at work that I was watching” I’d add that we’re treated to some very fine craftsmanship of your own, Snip!

The band appear to be in excellent form, and played at The Isle of Wight Festival a few nights after the Anchor & Hope. You can read a few short reviews of it here on the site, and a slightly longer (and better) one here.

Lots of fans gathered at the Anchor & Hope gig, and their contributions to the site are overflowing (thanks, everyone!). They include several more videos courtesy of Snipturn, a lovely set of pictures taken by our David, a detailed review by Mark, a setlist from Liz, plus lots of comments. Check it out!

Remember that you can always use the search box (in the upper right hand corner of the front page of this site) to find any gig ever played by Squeeze, Glenn, or Chris. Many of them have reviews, photos, and even videos.

The official Glenn site still says that there are more US tour dates to be added, but I’m not sure whether that information is up to date or not. It’s hard to keep track because not all the sites (, SqueezeOfficial’s MySpace page, etc) have all the current dates listed. In fact, at the moment only the Squeeze Official web site seems to have the latest ones: The Fillmore in SF, The Showbox in Seattle, and Seneca Falls Casino in Niagara Falls, NY.

Squeeze are playing at Leamington Spa July 2nd, and at the Cornbury Festival July 3rd. They hit Columbus, Ohio on the 9th and play 20 dates across the U.S.!

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