If you don’t wish to know the Meaning of Life – then STOP reading this Blog – NOW!

Being the Bass player with Squeeze is quite a privilege. And it never fails to amaze me, that SO many Celebrity Superstars are HUGE Squeeze fans! …… wow!

When Johnny B’ met Johnny D’
In September 2008, we were relaxing in the dressing room after a show at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles ….. when in walks Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. After the initial shock, I had a lovely chat with Johnny. He told me about his early aspirations as a musician, and how he had just fallen into acting as a way to pay the bills. I told him how l had taken my wife and daughter up to Madame Tussauds to pose for pictures by his waxwork. After the initial shock – Johnny made himself look like he was made out of wax (how did he do that?) and posed for some pictures with me .. Unbelievable!

* * * * * * * * * *

Here it is … as promised … this week l reveal EXACTLY where you can find …..

Its in the dictionary – under L .. duh?

Skeptical? …… Eat this BLOG NOW!!

* * * * * * * * * *

NEXT ….. more startling revelations in ….. ~ THE WAY WE WAS ~

>>>>>>> NOW ……. that Squeeze are really well known and respected to bits … l can get loads of free gear (equipment) through endorsements – like guitars & amplifiers etc.
John Bentley would like to thank – Ernie Ball Music Man – Elite Strings & MarkBass Amplifiers.
(no, I’m not a sycophant! … I have obligations!!)

< <<<<<< THEN …… back in 1979 l didn’t even own a Bass Guitar! I had to borrow one (a Fender Mustang) for the Squeeze audition! After l got the gig they supplied me with a Rickenbacker bass until l could save up my wages (£30 a week) to buy a vintage Fender Precision Bass – which l still own today! >>>>>> NOW ……. when we go on tour, we travel in a ‘state of the art’ tour-bus. It’s like a five star hotel on wheels! Spoilt? … well not when you consider what we had to go through ….

<<<<<< THEN ……. back in the Summer of 1980 we drove through Texas / Kentucky / Louisiana
and Tennessee, bouncing around in the back of a Dodge Van with plastic seats and no air conditioning! The temperature was over 100 degrees and I still haven’t managed to get rid of the piles! (‘ugh! we really didn’t want to know that!’) … Sorry!

BLOGGER-RHYTHMS … what are they? … does anybody care?

* See Squeeze in another dimension – with 2D glasses!
* Mysterious image (suppressed by NASA) of John Bentley found on Uranus!
* Ex Squeeze keyboard player for hire – no job too Large!
* Why does Glenn want to be beaten up with a lettuce?

Join me each week at Bentleys Blog for World Domination …

till next time …. miss you already!

Johnny B Goode

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