BENTLEYS BLOG … the ANSWER to Everything? … or just FALSE prophecy?

BENTLEYS BLOG … the ANSWER to Everything? … or just FALSE prophecy?
This Week John Bentley – the Great Wino of the Tabernacle – pleads ‘Divine Immunity’
and reveals his …..


1. Thou shalt not Idolize any other group other than Squeeze …. (unless it’s SABBATH)
2. Thou shalt not be Temped by the fruit of another
3. Thou shalt not make a False Image of a Squeeze T.Shirt (or bootleg a CD!)
4. Remember the SABBATH and keep it holy HEAVY
5. Honor thy Difford and thy Tilbrook by voting them into the Rock n Roll hall of Fame
6. Thou shalt not Bear False Witness … like that copper who tried to nick me for (allegedly)
running a red light
7. Thou shalt not Commit Adultery … hmmmm … it’s gonna be awfully lonely in Heaven innit?
8. Thou shalt not Kill …. Keep Music Live!
9. Thou shalt not Covet thy neighbors house … unless you have to look after his cat!
10. Thou shalt not try to Shag my wife … like somebody l could mention

Yes Folks! – MY 10 Commandments go up to ELEVEN!
11. Make sure you get to Heaven at least an hour before the Devil knows you’re dead!

* * * * * *

Bentley Blags Blog Button …….To recognise Achievement & Excellence in the Performing Arts,
some have received Grammys – Oscars – Ivors or even Baftas ..
BUT .. I have been given THE highest Accolade ever bestowed upon a Bloggering Bassist …..
***** My Very Own BLOG BUTTON! *****
Right on the home page! It dosen’t get much better than this!
Thanx to all those who made it possible .. you know who you are .. you’re beautiful …
(cheques in the mail etc.)

HERE’s what just a few ordinary people had to say about BENTLEY’S BLOG ….
“At last! A literary experience l can use as a laxative!”
..Ricky Dobbs. Dub Step DJ
“Bentley has the knack of masking utter Bullshit under the guise of pure Claptrap!”
..Ellen Eiken. Viking Times
“Are we having fun yet?”
..Joe King. Pinhead Journal
“Since I read BENTLEYS BLOG I haven’t felt myself for a week!”
..Spunky Farbstein.
“This is simply .. a blog too far!”
..Dennis Plum M.D.

* * * * * *

REMEMBER …. IT’s SMART to BE a DUMMY! … Read BENTLEYS BLOG every week!

When l was on tour with Squeeze in America – I had a day off –
So …. l went on a Ride in an Amusement Park. One minute l was laughing .. the next l was crying …
It was an emotional Roller Coaster!!

NEXT WEEK ….. Do you consider yourself an EXPERT on Squeeze?
TEST your knowledge – in my (very tough) SQUEEZE QUIZ!

So ….. this is ‘Officer’ Bentley – your favourite Bass Plucker (and mine!)
Blogging Off for another week …
that’s all he wrote …


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