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Last week the remaining four members .. of Squeeze .. got together in Sidmouth to play live on: ‘Radcliffe & Maconie’.
Some of the locals were amazed to see Glenn and Chris eating fish and chips on the promenade. They posed for photos, and signed salt ‘n’ vinegar flavoured autographs!
The bands performance (without keyboards) was more GRITTY than usual – as we belted out 3 tunes like there’s no tomorrow! (no that wasn’t one of them!) Chris’s emphatic guitar playing is such an integral part of the sound .. and Glenn does a blistering ‘octave’ solo at the end of ‘Take Me l’m Yours’. Check it all out on ‘Radio 2 listen again’ … pop pickers!

Chris Difford had more than a touch of Johnny Ray about him when he appeared live with Boo Hewerdine and Justin Curry on BBC Fours ‘Songwriters Circle’ on Friday Night. He showed millions of TV viewers – in no uncertain terms – how much his song writing skill relies on pure raw emotion … Genius!

So you think you’re jolly clever?!
Hit Single ‘Labeled with Love’ featured as a question in one of my daughter Bebe’s GCSE revision papers. Naturally – l had a go at answering it. Now you’d think that as l actually played on the record, l’d stand a pretty good chance at getting it right – right? … WRONG! (well, it’s smart to be a dummy!)
Anyway – (no cheating now) here’s my …..

(ever so tough) SQUEEZE QUIZ
1. Which ex member of Squeeze changed his name to John?
2. What is peculiar about the title of the song ‘Another Nail In My Heart’?
3. In May 1979 Squeeze and the Tubes played an entire week of gigs at the Hammersmith Odeon. Who replaced Gilson on Drums for one night only?
4. Who or What is the connection between the albums: ‘Sweets from a Stranger’ and ‘Sgt. Pepper’?
5. What was so unusual about Squeeze’s appearance on Xmas Top of the Pops 1979?
6. What were Glenn and Jools seen doing to each other on T.V. in the audience of Top of the Pops?
7. Which two songs did Squeeze perform on The Old Grey Whistle Test?
8. Between songs Jools made an announcement about a car blocking the car park. What was the licence plate number?
9. What was the highest position in the U.K. charts ever achieved by a Squeeze record?
10. Finally! Who produced ‘In Quintessence’?

… sorry no prizes .. it’s just for fun (ha! ha! ha! – stop tickling me!) …. but if you like – you can write all your answers down on the back of a £20 note and send them off to me at Squeeze Headquarters ..
Or just simply check your answers at the bottom of the blog!

No animals were harmed during the making of this blog, although our cat might have suffered psychologically as a result.

The Return of SNIBBO … Yep .. he’s back! My old friend and ex band-mate Steve Parsons has teamed up with Chris Spedding / Andy Newmark and Guy Pratt to form a swinging new beat combo called:
‘KING MOB’ .. bring it on!

*BeNtLeY’s bLoG* What is it? .. some say it’s a Cult .. some say it’s all a Joke .. I say it’s a cure for Baldness! … you decide. Read it and Weep!

After 30 years of secrecy … I finally reveal the ShOcKiNg Truth about ..
“The day l nearly DIDN’T join Squeeze!” (WHAT?!?)

until then .. this is your Happy Blogger saying:- “auf wiedersehen”

yours fatefully …
Dr. John Bentley.
(practicing medicine ’til he gets it right!

* * * * * * *

oh yeah ..nearly forgot – here are the answers to my …. (ever so tough) SQUEEZE QUIZ …

1. Don Snow – he changed his name to ‘John Savannah’
2. Glenn and Chris actually sing: ‘Another Nail FOR my Heart’
3. Mingo Lewis – who was also the percussionist with the Tubes
4. Phil McDonald – he co-produced ‘Sweets’ and was a studio engineer on ‘Sgt. Pepper’
5. John Bentley (that’s me folks) was most conspicuous by his absence. And the remaining four members …. of Squeeze … swapped instruments!
6. Sticking their fingers up each others noses! So – that’s how you get your own T.V. show is it?
7. ‘Its So Dirty’ & ‘Slap and Tickle’
8. PEN 1S
9. No.1 (in the Album Chart) with ‘Squeeze 45’s and Under’
10. Dave Edmunds (what a lovely bloke) produced ‘In Quintessence’

And What a Bloggerin’ Coincidence!!
I WAS actually In Quintessence (is there no end to this mans talents?) … l joined them briefly for some gigs in Europe .. It’s true honest – just ask Maha Dev!

So anyway … If you got ALL the answers correct (without cheating) … well … well … WELL DONE! ……… but maybe you should get out more!
However – if you only got a few right .. Congratulations! .. you have a life!

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