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Captains blog ~ Star Date: October 2010 AD

East Side Story Revival? – Bring it On!

Well you could’ve knocked me down with a feather – or one of those things they use for demolishing buildings – when Glenn announced on Radio 2 that the original 1981 Squeeze line up were thinking of getting back together next year for a special charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall! Surely not.
At Last … I may be able to get that tenner back Gilson owes me!

SICK! SICK! SICK! … ahhh – that’s better!

Just like the beautiful game of Football my Brain is a Brain of two halves ….
In the left half there’s nothing right!
And in the right half .. yeah you got it!

AND NOW – after 32 years of secrecy! I decide that it’s finally safe …
to REVEAL the SHOCKING truth about ….
(huge intake of breath – swooning – vomiting etc. etc.)

Back in the ‘Dark Ages’ of 1979 musicians could still audition for a professional band simply by answering an advert in the ‘Musicians Wanted’ column of the Melody Maker. l went for an audition with Squeeze … and just the day before – I had an audition with Suzie Quatro … who was looking for a Guitar Player. Now .. both auditions went swimmingly well .. and I’m sure this will come as a great shock to everyone now (as it did to me at the time) – but about two hours after l received a phone call from Glenn Tilbrook asking me to join Squeeze – l got a phone call from Suzie asking me to return for a 2nd. audition! Well … in the end l decided not to go!

In retrospect and with the benefit of hind-sight .. it’s easy to see that l made the right decision … BUT you have to remember (if you’re old enough) that back in February 1979 SUZIE was a much bigger name than Squeezie. She already had several top 10 hits under her belt – which she didn’t really need to keep those very tight leather trousers up! Anyway … although fate dealt me a winning hand that day … l often wonder what might’ve happened if l’d driven off in a Quatro?!

Now you may think that BENTLEY’S BLOG is just a pile of PLOP .. but l’m looking for a discerning readership … and the fact that you’re reading this right now proves that l’m succeeding!


Last month we all met up at the BBC Studios in Maida Vale to record another episode of the Mark Lamarr Show – to be broadcast on Radio 2 – 31st of October.
It was the 1st. time we’d all been together since the end of the ‘Spot the Difference Tour’ of America. So it was good to see everyone again .. but sad in a way … as it was to be the very last session that would include Stephen Large in the line-up … (sobbing – bed wetting etc) Anyway .. we didn’t let that put us off .. and it turned out to be one of the best Squeeze Radio Sessions ever!
Hip! Hip! Lamarr!! .. Now whatever you don’t do .. miss it!

~~ commercial time ~~
Do you sometimes feel like you got off at the wrong PLANET?!?
Or that you’re being sucked … into a VORTEX!?!
Get Over It! … Just read BENTLEYS BLOG every week!!

NEXT TIME IN BENTLEY’S BLOG … An exclusive interview with Steve Nieve.
Yes! .. a deep probe (oof!) into the mysterious Psyche of the Iconic Ivory Tinkler!

….. until when .. then .. this is Johnny Blogger saying ..
“Can you help me make sense of all this?”

John Bentley will not take any responsibility for anything any person or persons might do after reading … BENTLEY’S BLOG!

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