Is it a Bird? … No!
Is it a Plane? … No!!
Is it SuperDuperMan? … No!!!
It’s …. BENTLEYS BLOG!!!! …..

Like a Big Dipper out of control …NOTHING can stop
Squeeze’s Roller-Coaster Ride across the World!

This week something UNPRECEDENTED happened in the Squeeze camp ..
WE HAD A PRACTICE!! (can l say that?) Well it was inevitable l suppose …
as new Keyboard player Steve Nieve wanted to run through the tunes a couple of times ..
.. blinkin’ perfectionist!

Simon Hanson kindly put up with me at his house all week …
l was looking forward to a good nights sleep on my luxury air-bed ..
But it had a puncture … and l’m ashamed to say that I let Simon down …
I let the group down … but worst of all l let myself down!
The whole episode left me feeling quite deflated …

Who is NIEVE?
This week l was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Squeeze’s EXTRAORDINARY new keyboard player … Mr. Steve Nieve!

J.B. “Hi Steve .. and welcome to Bentley’s Blog! Now … l’m sure that there are lots of things Squeeze fans will want to know about you … so I hope you don’t mind if l ask you some personal questions about your childhood?”

S.N. “No no no …. fire away!” (bang bang – bang bang)

J.B. “It must have been very difficult for you growing up with the name ‘Nieve’ … How did you cope with all the cruel jibes you must have had at school?”

S.N. “(?)”

J.B. “As a young boy – was your mother very strict with you?”

S.N. ” Let me make one thing VERY clear to you John … My mother was NEVER a young boy!”

J.B. “It must have been amazing working with Elvis!? … What was it really like playing in the Jordanaires?”

S.N. “You mean the Attractions?”

J.B. “I vill ask ze Qvestions!”

… that concludes my deep probe ~ oof ~ into the psyche of Steve Nieve …almost revealing as l’m sure you’ll disagree ..

~~~~~~ COMMERCIAL TIME ~~~~~~
Do you sometimes feel like you got dropped off at the wrong bus stop? Does your life just feel like some kind of sick joke .. without a punch-line?

“Forget about it! … Checkout BENTLEY’S BLOG every week!”

Just read what Uncle Compost had to say ….

“After l read Bentleys Blog l felt like beating the hell out of a Rubber Penguin!”

On Wednesday we all met up at the Hard Rock Cafe in Piccadilly
(with a purple hair-dryer) to play a gig ….
promoted by H’absolute Vodka (slurring burping etc). The performance announced the DYNAMIC arrival of Mr. Steve Nieve .. AND was recorded to be broadcast on Absolute the following evening …

Yep! I missed it too!! .. Should’ve read Bentleys Blog shouldn’t I ?

Oh well … that’s all for now Blogbusters!

loved him … hated her …

the BlogMaster …..
JOHN BENTLEY … a leg end … in his own bath-tub!

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