The most pretentious Squeeze journalism….. ever.

Here are my favourite journalistic pretentious comments from the past 30 years of SQUEEZE. Hard though it may be to believe, all these quotes are from magazines and music papers. None have been invented by me – I couldn’t even try to be this bad!

Chris O'Donovan

The skewed puns and delicate alliterations, the artful quatrains and vivid imagery are never more acute than when the songs describe a love gone sour.

…succinct vignettes about everyday occurrences.

…delicate portraits and animated snapshots of insalubrious pubs.

…about as much romantic feeling as a sordid grope on the back of a number 9 bus.

…more clever than cute – an entertaining co-joining of the oddball and the traditional.

Full of quirks and foibles. Rife with tender ironies and keen, biting witticisms.

…a combination of incisiveness and vision, realism and lyricism.

…each composition packed with incident and intention, populated by characters whose comic peculiarities are scrutinised and exposed with articulate ingenuity.

…unflinching honesty – authentically distressing, never trite or condescending.

…terse, compassionate descriptions of women, warts and all.

…harking back to the halcyon days of English music hall.

…shoveling through the superficiality and veneer.

…a balance of real-world menace and frothy pop classicism.

…a fluctuation between lampoon and lament.

…match verbal idiosyncrasies and melodic universality while using a broader orchestral palette.

…fractured abstract collages appropriate to their nightmarish text

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