Do you feel “Up the Junction”?

Do you feel “Up the Junction”?

BBC Radio 4 are doing a series of programmes on songs that have a strong sense of place – and [[Up the Junction]] by Squeeze is going to feature in a programme. The BBC want to get in touch with anyone for whom [[Up the Junction]] has a special resonance. Here’s what BBC Radio 4 Producer Faith Lawrence has to say:

The idea of the series I’m making is take a song that has a strong sense of place – like ‘[[Up the Junction]]’ – and to explore its cultural significance and relationship to that place.

It would be great to be put in touch with people who feel that it is an important song for them – I’d be interested to talk anyone who felt it spoke to them particularly at the time of release (or indeed much later) – not necessarily because their own lives exactly mirrored the events – but perhaps it resonated in some way.

Or it could even be an important song for sentimental reasons. It would also be brilliant to talk to someone who felt a link both with Clapham and the song – though I’m not just looking for that.

My hope is that we will be able to record and include some of these accounts in the programme – I would need to get in touch with anyone who might be interested before the 1st July, preferably. People are very welcome to contact me with their stories at

All best wishes, and thanks for your help,

Faith Lawrence

So what are your memories and feelings? Please get in touch with Faith directly on the email address above – or if you don’t want to be involved but have memories anyway, why not leave a comment here about them? I never thought it would happen…

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