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Glenn’s UK tour is going really well, 4 dates in and he is really happy with how it is going. If you are going to a show you have to go early and check out Glenn’s friend from San Diego, CA, Steve Poltz, he truly is a unique and amazing performer. Some of our US friends will remember him from supporting
Glenn in the States a few years back.

Today we have added Glenn’s fourth Demo Album to the online shop. ‘When Daylight Appears’ covers Glenn’s demos from 1985-1991. This release is also available on the tour as is the amazing Co-Operative album, Glenn’s collaboration with Nine Below Zero.

If you are going to a show, we are recording each show and making it available to buy at the merchandise desk after the show. It is available on CD and also jump drive (or is that USB stick), there is a bit of banter on the tour about the actual correct name.

The shows are very different on this tour, Glenn is performing on his own for half the set and then with some friends in the second half. There is a real buzz about the shows so do make it to one if you can.

Thanks again to you all for your continued support.

The Quixotic Team.

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