Glenn’s final demos CD – name it!

Glenn Tilbrook has slowly but surely been releasing a comprehensive set of his demos from throughout the Squeeze and Difford & Tilbrook years. We’ve had:

The Past Has Been Bottled – The East Side Story Demos
In The Sky Above – The Demo Tapes 1993 – 1998
Dreams are Made of This – The Demo Tapes 1974 -1980
When Daylight Appears – The Demo Tapes 1985 – 1991

It’s nearly time for the fifth and final CD release. It will cover the years 1981 to 1984 with 21 demos from Sweets From A Stranger and the Difford and Tilbrook albums. We’ve had ‘The Past Has Been Bottled’, ‘In The Sky Above’, ‘Dreams Are Made of This’ and ‘When Daylight Appears’. The question is: What do you think the fifth CD will be called? Leave a suggestion!

When Daylight Appears

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