‘I Didn’t Get Where I Am’ – tracklisting of the vinyl reissue with demos

Here’s the track listing of Chris Difford’s very limited 500-only vinyl release of ‘I Didn’t Get Where I Am’.

Available for pre-order now

Side 4 (Demos)
1. [[For A Change]]
2. Cathy Come Home
3. [[A World That Passed Me By]]
4. Take Me – early demo version sung by Chris and Dorie, showcasing the “solo” style of presentation
5. [[Cowboys Are My Weakness]] – beautifully sung by co-writer Gary Clark!

Here are the remaining track listings; it’s simply the regular album layout but split into three sides:

Side 1
1. [[Tight Rope]]
2. [[For A Change]]
3. [[Cowboys Are My Weakness]]

Side 2
1. [[No Show Jones]]
2. [[A World That Passed Me By]]
3. [[One Day]]

Side 3
1. [[Playing With Electric Trains]]
2. [[Lamas Fayre]]
3. [[Trafalgar Square]]
4. [[Parents]]

All lyrics are printed on the glorious inner gatefold sleeve.
Chris Difford gatefold sleeve - I Didn't Get Where I Am

Chris Topham is the man responsible for releasing the album:

I’m taking pre-orders through my email address chris.topham@virgin.net and the website www.planegroovy.com should be up again by the weekend. As all copies are individually numbered, when people pre-order they can request specific copy numbers and if the numbers are still available they can have them. Pre-ordering starts with copy 11/500.

….and then of course there is the planned August release of the 1972 demos, pre-Glenn which are mind-blowing!

Exciting news :)

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