Up the Junction – cartoon version

Here’s the full version of the cartoon commissioned by Squeeze for [[Up the Junction]] on their Spot the Difference tour and played on the recent USA tour:

Total Thrive Productions – a Gary Brady and Loren Scott Film. Here’s the story of the video told by Gary and Loren:

We live in Greenwich and I’ve known Glenn and Suzanne socially for over 25 years. In the autumn of 2010 I was out having a pint with Glenn and telling him about the cartoons I’d been making and I drunkedly wrote down a few bits as one of them “Ringo the Dutch Kangaroo” has The Beatles in it and I wanted him to check it out. He got back a few days later asking us if we’d be interested in doing an animation for Squeeze for a back projection on the Spot the Difference tour…and we agreed on [[Up the Junction]].
I went out and filmed a load of the locations from the tune – Blackheath, The Railway Arms etc. and then after a few weeks of thinking about it decided on doing something a lot simpler using theatrical and good design that would work better as a back projection. It took Loren and myself about a month to build it and although we roughly storyboarded it, we decided to throw away the story board and work on a verse at a time, then story board the next verse.
So…in answer to your question……the girl “from Clapham” is nobody in particular. We looked at a lot of pictures from 1977-1980 to see what the hairstyles/clothes were etc. as that was the period we were setting it. The haircut and the sheepskin coat just about summed it up. We didn’t want to do something to glamourous as she was meant to be an ordinary girl in the song.
The keyboard player is Steve Nieve, not Stephen Large, as he didnt do that tour.
Anyway…..the boys loved it and it was well received on the tour.
If you’re interested, check out some of our other cartoons on www.totalthrive.com or our youtube channel Escapademusicstudio
Gary and Loren

Now all we need is the full original film for [[Maidstone]] produced by EclecticWarrior

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