Save the World – with Steve Nieve

Former Squeeze keyboardist (who describes himself on Twitter as rock keyboardist – film composer – keyboard jungle) Steve Nieve would like your help:

Please – post a photo with Save The World written on your palm and add yourself to the Save the World video and exhibition – we would love you to join in the fun!!

Save the World - Steve Nieve

Here are the instructions:

Save the World

As a petition for ecological forward thinking – this track from 2Gether ‘Save the World” is to be a video and we would love you to be in it. How?

1. With your mobile telephone or camera, take a photo of your hand close to your face like the model shown here. On your palm you have written the words “Save the World”.

2. Send your photo to us at Please include your name and your location ( city and country, if you are U.S. Also include State). Take your photo in high quality resolution. Doesn’t matter how. Just get it to us.
Please include the following statement in your email.

I wish my likeness to be used in the Video “Save the world” by Steve Nieve and Tall Ulysses and give permission for Steve to use freely the photo in the video for “Save the World” in perpetuity and without renumeration to me.

Visit: to take part – hurry!

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