Exclusive News! – tiny Glenn Gig – in New York!

Exclusive news from packetofthree for all New York Glenn fans!

Glenn will be doing a production rehearsal gig in NY City on Wednesday. The audience will be really small and this is your chance to join him! They will be charging just $10 a head on the door and entry will be first come first served! This is your chance to go along to hear him rehearse songs and the production. The rehearsal gig will be at:
The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York
NY 10003

212 228 0228

The Bar will open at 5.00pm with doors open at 6.30pm. It *is* a production rehearsal so it won’t be a normal slick gig and it’ll have more of a homely warm-up vibe. It’ll be immense We did say it was worth following packetofthree.com!

I’m looking forward to your photos and reviews!

David packetofthree.com

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