Happy 10th Birthday packetofthree.com

Happy 10th Birthday packetofthree.com!

I never thought it would happen! It’s exactly 10 years to the day since I launched www.packetofthree.com to an unsuspecting world. Since then the site has grown to be the most comprehensive history of any band anywhere on the Internet. There are 3,145 posts, 299 pages, 3,109 comments and in that time I’ve blocked 94,480 span comments. The site contains almost all the live gigs Squeeze have ever played and many of the ones Chris and Glenn have played solo. Here you can find the lyrics to Squeeze songs (many checked by Chris himself) as well as Glenn and Chris solo record lyrics. What started as a simple way to learn web design after I took redundancy from a job (with the added benefit of getting my Squeeze collection out of the loft) turned into a wonderful experience as band members, previous managers and the band’s relatives contacted me with stories, anecdotes, ticket stubs, posters, photographs and support. And there’s still so much to come.

There are thousands of photographs, audio files, videos and more – all to be discovered within.

Today is a BIG DAY for packetofthree.com as it’s the 10th anniversary of launching the site. And by the strangest coincidence, Glenn was booked to play last night just a mile or so from my house in a 12th Century church in a nearby village. What a stunning gig it was!


Nothing successful can ever stay the same though, which is why packetofthree.com is offering a lucky person or two the chance to get involved in being Squeeze Correspondents for packetofthree.com!

Do you like reading the new Squeeze news? Do you enjoy searching for the latest Squeeze information about gigs, interviews, videos and more? Why not share your enthusiasm with 1,000 visitors a day on this site? If you’re in any way interested or just curious then Contact us here at packetofthree towers. Thanks!

And just to celebrate, here’s Glenn performing a couple of Jimi Hendrix acoustic numbers in the studio:


Voodoo Child

I spoil you, I really do.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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