Dance With Me

Another month – another Simon Hanson song and video!

“Another month another song I’m releasing this for July 2014 have a listen. Its about a fateful night at the K hotel in San Fransisco a few years ago!”Simon
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She came to me an enigma wrapped in a fantasy of circumstance
Well I grabbed her from the jaws of an embarrasment
With a whiskey laden smile we took the stairs
Cos the lifts had cameras in them.
She said she wasn’t perfect I said I didn’t mind
I said you are beautiful she said I was blind
Dance with me said a fine looking woman on a Sisco Sunday
Dance with me then lo an lo and lo and lo and behold
To be honest I didn’t think that I would get that far
With a head full of hubris and a belly full of mini-bar
I closed the blinds that overlooked the carpark
And set the lights too dim
As I rubbed her shoulders she seemed to have no cares
I thought the night was perfect until I looked downstairs
Dance with me………..
Even when I knew the truth a part of me could not refuse
To know a bit more
Eventually my senses came miraculously back to me
We came strolling down the stairs twice the man we used to be
Dance with me…………..
Dance With Me

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