Squeeze Covered – I Won’t Ever Go Drinking Again(?)

One of the things I like watching on YouTube is its users’ own recordings of concerts they’ve been to. The videos vary enormously from the 10 second snippet taken from row Z by someone whose hand shakes like they’ve got the DTs, to the near professional quality of many of Snipturn’s recordings (where does he get the time and the money from?) which almost make you feel you’re at the venue. I love watching the more obscure Squeeze songs being performed as well as the many covers of other artists’ songs that Glenn often does in his solo gigs. For someone who only gets to see Glenn or Chris live once in a blue moon these videos are a real treat, so please keep on videoing and uploading!

This week’s cover is dedicated to those of you who, like me, have gone through the whole of January without so much as a sip of alcohol, with the emphasis very much on the title’s bracketed question mark. I like this version by Andy Brown, not only because it’s live but also because he plays it in the style it was originally meant.

More Squeeze covers next week so until then, toodle pip!


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