Squeeze Covered – When Love Goes To Sleep

In some quarters, Squeeze are seen as a good “singles band”. It’s something that has always irritated me because the implication is that their albums aren’t somehow up to scratch. I can only assume those who subscribe to that view own only “Singles – 45’s and Under” or one of the other greatest hits compilations and have never listened to “East Side Story”, “Argybargy”, “Some Fantastic Place”, “Play” etc. Also, whilst most of their singles are memorable and often regarded as classics, for whatever reason, they had a lot more misses than hits – especially post 1981. Even when they were at their peak, it’s baffling to think that songs like “[[Goodbye Girl]]”, “[[Tempted]]” and “[[Black Coffee In Bed]]” failed to make the top 40 in the UK!

This week’s cover wasn’t released as a single by Squeeze nor did it appear on any album until Universal released the expanded version of “Sweets From A Stranger” in 2008. In that version, Glenn sings the original lyric as written for a female (I’m not sure if Chris had any particular person in mind) and it’s a fine bonus track. Billy Bremner, of Rockpile fame, does a faithful cover but, understandably, makes the appropriate gender changes.

It’s time for me to get some sleep. This irritating little virus I’ve had for the past two weeks is showing no signs of giving in so, until the next time, toodle pip!


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