Squeeze Covered – No Disco Kid No

Disco Kid” is a Squeeze song from 1976 that appears on the compilation album “Never Mind The S*x P*stols”. Disco is one of the few genres of music that Squeeze haven’t tried. In fact, there aren’t too many Squeeze songs, especially singles, that you could have a bop to. Many years ago when I was at the age to be invited to friends’ 18th, 21st, engagement or wedding parties, I always made a point of requesting any Squeeze song to see the reaction of the DJs and what they would come up with. Invariably, as at my own wedding, they wouldn’t have anything by Squeeze “on them” and even if they did it would be played during the break for the buffet.
This week’s cover is one of the few Squeeze songs that most DJs seemed to admit to having. I quite like Andrea Corr’s cover of “Take Me I’m Yours” and it’s definitely something that could be danced to.

Christopher Holland did a fantastic cover of “Disco Kid”, called “No Disco Kid” it’s more upbeat than the original and given a party vibe so I’ve included it as a bonus.

Until the next time, toodle pip!


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