Squeeze Covered – Tempted

David’s posts about Squeeze vinyl singles and accompanying picture sleeves inspired me to have another look at my singles collection. Initially to see if I have any of the rare examples that he writes about and then, inevitably, to wallow in nostalgia. My record collection is small and not particularly perfectly formed but each record has its own story about when, where and why I bought it, though looking at some of them, the “why” sometimes escapes me. I didn’t have much money when I was a teenager, so most of my purchases would have been from the “bargain bucket” or ex-juke box records (they would usually have no middle, be slightly warped and come in plain white sleeve with the word “pop-ex” in red across the bottom). LPs were way out of my reach. When I actually bought a brand new single it would almost certainly have been with birthday money. My memory is not what it used to be but I’m sure that the first brand new single I bought with my own money was “All The Way From Memphis” by Mott The Hoople. Even when I started earning a crust, I stayed true to my Yorkshire roots and spent as little as I could get away with, except when it came to anything Squeeze.

This week’s cover is from a record that I bought specifically for the b-side. I quite liked “Mad About You” by Sting but the thought of him singing “Tempted” proved too much of a temptation and I threw caution to the wind. I know Sting’s not everyone’s cup of tea but he taught me that there’s more to jazz than just Kenny Ball and Cleo Laine and I like his live version of the Squeeze classic, especially the saxophone.

I’ll be delving a little deeper into my record collection, such as it is, next time so until then, toodle pip!


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