Squeeze Covered – Someone Else’s Bell

I don’t know about you but all the coverage Squeeze have been getting over the past few weeks here in the UK has left me feeling a bit giddy and I even haven’t even seen them on their Cradle To The Grave tour yet! Only one more week to wait before their final show at Harrogate and the first time I’ll have seen the whole of the band together since the 1998 Domino tour which, coincidentally, was the last date of that tour. At that time Chris was in a different place mentally and couldn’t deal with the forthcoming tour of The States. I’m sure that won’t happen this time and, after a few days of rest, they’ll be ready to wow the crowds over there too in November and December.

Next year marks the 35th anniversary of what many fans and critics consider to be Squeeze’s finest album, namely, “East Side Story” and this week’s cover is one of my favourite songs on that album. Andy Wilkinson’s rendition of “Someone Else’s Bell” is as good as a homemade video can get and his guitarmanship is near perfect. Reminds me a little of Joe Brown both in looks and sound. What do you think?

Just six days to go. Can’t wait!

Until next time, toodle pip!


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