Patchouli – the new single from Squeeze

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Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing
I sit and think too much sometimes
I waste the hours that God has sent me
Drifting like dust along blurred lines

It’s quite normal for me to fester
And wallow in a shallow space
That separates us from each other
I see the smile upon your face

I smell patchouli
and touch the air above your head
I see your beauty I’m transported back again
To that day the sky went dark
In Maryon Wilson Park

I’m always looking out of windows
To see the sky and hear the day
I always find the lost horizon
The one we shared then gave away

Any day when I cast my mind back
I feel a glow
Perhaps I take the path of least resistance
Well I don’t know

Some days I wonder what you’re doing
And where your life has taken you
We were teenagers inspired
Undying love was all we knew

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