John Bentley is back as the Johnny Mustard Trio

An exciting package was waiting for me on my door mat – the new album by John Bentley. It’s by The Johnny Mustard Trio and is called Mostarda!

The Johnny Mustard Trio - Mostarda!

And before you ask, I don’t use my laptop as a doormat.

It includes a great song co-written by Chris Difford, called The Endless Night. Chris has also written the sleeve notes. I say ‘sleeve’ when it’s an electronic package on memory stick (mustard yellow, of course).

Johnny Mustard Trio - Mostarda! - Front Cover.

It’s a great album full of classic songwriting – do get a copy for your collection. It’s not available to buy or download from any of the usual sites – it’s exclusively available upon request from the contact details on John’s website – or just see John at any of his gigs.

If you’re too click-exhausted to visit John’s website, just email John on:

Johnny Mustard Trio - Mostarda! - Back Cover & Album Credits

“Not so much the Buena Vista Social Club…
but more the Littlehampton Trade & Labour Club”.

Johnny Mustard Trio - Mostarda! - Track Listing.


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