Glenn Tilbrook – My Boy Lollipop (Millie Small cover)

Glenn’s been busy in the studio recording a song a week to raise money for food banks to attempt to alleviate food poverty. He’s been posting songs on YouTube with links to donate to charities in the UK, the USA and Australia and now, in many other countries.

In the UK, levels of food insecurity in Britain are among the highest in Europe. Please give what you can afford. It makes a massive difference to people with the least. Donation links are below.

Listen on headphones or a great system to hear how wonderfully it’s been produced/engineered .

Glenn Tilbrook – My Boy Lollipop

“Hello young lovers wherever you are! Older ones too… My Cover song this week is a tribute to Millie Small, who has just passed away. She lit up my life when I was a 6 year old with her exuberance, singing a style of music that was unfamiliar but fantastic to me! The song was ‘My Boy Lollipop’ and here is my version, recorded yesterday for your entertainment!”

Raising funds for:

Glenn’s solo dates were in support of The Trussell Trust:

Glenn says “It is shameful that in the 21st century there are people that can’t afford to put food on the table. Anyone, from any walk of life, can fall upon dire times, and I hope that by doing this tour it will remind people that there is a very real need. Most of us can do something to help – be it giving some food or a little money – and I hope people coming to the shows are inspired to donate.”

Thank you.

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