Glenn Tilbrook – I Must Be In A Good Place Now (Bobby Charles cover)

Glenn’s been busy in the studio recording a song a week to raise money for food banks to attempt to alleviate food poverty. He’s been posting songs on YouTube with links to donate to charities in the UK, the USA and Australia and now, in many other countries.

In the UK, levels of food insecurity in Britain are among the highest in Europe. Please give what you can afford. It makes a massive difference to people with the least. Donation links are below.

Listen on headphones or a great system to hear how wonderfully it’s been produced/engineered.

Glenn Tilbrook – I Must Be In A Good Place Now (Bobby Charles cover)

“I am indebted to Barney Hoskyn’s wonderful book ‘Small Town Talk’ for introducing me to the writer of this week’s cover, Bobby Charles. The album from which this song is drawn, the eponymous Bobby Charles, has become one of my favourite records with a languid charm all of its own. I could have picked any song from this album but I chose ‘I Must Be In A Good Place Now’, for its melancholy cheer which chimes with the current time. The drums are delivered by the wonderful Louis Tilbrook, engineering as ever by Captain Chris McNally, and this reaches you via Carly Dexter-Fry to whom I also give thanks. Did I mention my darling wife? Hope you are all well and staying safe. Here are some links again this week to fantastic organisations helping to feed people who are in need. Until next week, love Glenn xx”

Raising funds for:


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