Chris Difford to play Songfest

Here’s a very special offer for the upcoming Songfest indoor festival in Rugby featuring Chris Difford!

It’s a micro music festival in August – and it’s completely mudless!

Here’s who you can see: Chris Difford, Dean Friedman, Boothby Graffoe, Charlotte Campbell, Tracey Curtis, Lach, Ben Norris, Jess Silk, Nia Nicholls and Martha Bean.

You can find out more about the festival and the great artists appearing here:


Here’s the chance for a special ticket price, with a promo code which will reveal the hidden weekend ticket price.

Here’s the Ticket order link for you:

And here’s the promo-code: SuperSongFan (reveals hidden SuperSongFan ticket price of £48 for the weekend).

There’s even the chance to take part in Dean Friedman’s Songwriting Masterclass (limited availability) and hotel accommodation is available.

It’s set to be a wonderful, relaxing, and fun-filled weekend in the Warwickshire countryside – without the mud! Who’s coming?!

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